The Story of STL Youth Sports Outreach

Founded in 2015 by Billy Mayhall and Neil Thomas, STL Youth Sports Outreach is a non-profit ororganization dedicated to helping provide sporting equipment to children in need. 

While the focus of STLYSO will always be sport equipment based, we have expanded beyond that to other areas of need.  Other activities will still to benefit kids and still generally be sport focused -- but will always stay true to the original idea --

"Help us put a smile on a child's face that doesn't always have a reason to smile."

STL Youth Sports Outreach
is a 501(c)(3) not for profit community based organization.  It is a fully volunteer run operation -- no one (repeat, not one person or group...) is paid for their efforts in running STLYSO.  ALL donations of any kind (equipment, cash, services, etc.) go directly to benefit the youth of our community.